Bay Area Gear Repair maintains a sophisticated repair facility for firefighter bunker gear and is able to restore each garment to near original condition while fully compliant to NFPA guidelines. Certified by Total Fire Group and also endorsed by Morning Pride and Securitex Manufacturing.

A firefighter's safety is only as reliable as his/her bunker gear. The current NFPA guidelines recommend cleaning bunker gear every six months or as needed. It is the responsibility of both the Fire Department and the individual to ensure that the bunker gear is kept clean and well maintained.

Your bunker gear should be treated like any other piece of rescue equipment. It needs to have proper cleaning and repairs to maintain its effectiveness. We guarantee all our repairs are made to meet or exceed NFPA standards. We go beyond simple cleaning and repair. With a full time seamstress we can replace Velcro, repair or replace zippers, replace or add reflective letters and trim, and replace or add pockets and hardware.

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